Affiliate Terms and Conditions Agreement 

The following terms must be followed when promoting our websites. We appreciate some of you may feel these are strict rules, but we do these to keep the models happy. If you keep the models happy the models stay active and that keeps us all happy.

No stolen content!

Using stolen content will get your account terminated. The only content that is allowed to be used for promotion of our websites is the content you find in If you use content from any other source, you risk your account being suspended or worse, terminated. Please contact us and ask before just assuming you can use anything you find online.  

No false advertising.

This should be common sense, but if you advertise a model as doing things she does not do, this will lead to chargebacks/cancelations. That works against us both. Do not copy/paste blogs or our text for your site, you may not pretend to be one of the girls or give the impression your site is official in any way. This also means you cannot name your pages false names or use meta tags or image names that are false. Calling something modelname-dildo-fun when that specific model doesn't use dildos will result in suspension of account until such time as the terms are changed. Promote the girls honestly and you will never have a problem.

Site Rip / Free Password / Stolen Password

Do not promote any of our sites with false terms such as free password, site rip, stolen pass etc. These terms bring in the wrong type of traffic (poor traffic). In the past sites using these terms to promote, lead to chargebacks and/or fraudulent use of stolen credit cards. It should be common sense not to use these terms, you're aligning yourself with the same people that hurt the adult industry here by posting stolen data so if that's the side you chose, we will chose to terminate your account. If you use any of these terms, your account will be terminated, not suspended. We do not make exceptions on this.

Degrading terms

Please do not speak in a degrading way of any of the ladies, regardless of what they do. Just because a model uses dildos or has sex in her site, does not make her a slut or cock tease or whatever term you think will sell best. Please treat our models with respect or don't promote our program. If you have questions about wording, ask us please. Thank you.

Social Networks.

Creating social network profiles (example - facebook or youtube or twitter or tumblr) to pretend to be one of the models in order to get sales is not allowed. If you create a profile using one of our model's names on Facebook or Twitter, youtube, tumblr etc, your account will be terminated immediately. The ladies take impersonation quite serious, as do we so please do not pretend to be the model at any point, on any site. This also includes adding images to your Facebook profile etc to market her, this is also not allowed. We have zero facebook policy in place. If you use our images in any way inside Facebook, your account will be closed. We also do not allow our content to be used in rating sites.

No Apps

Our images may not be used in apps for any mobile platform. Example no iphone or droid apps etc.(or any other cell phone or mobile platforms) No exceptions. If we find you using our images in your apps we will close your account instantly. Our images are to be used online in galleries or blogs only. Ask if you have any questions.  

No more than 15 images.

Our hosted galleries or zipped content have less than 15 images per set. Do not promote with other images or more than 15 images per set please.  

No cropping of watermarks.

Please do not crop off watermarks for your images. Exception being if it is a blog and it's under 400 x 400 in size and it links to the full size image with watermark or gallery with watermarks. Thumbnails of course don't require the thumbnail. The ladies like to get credit for their images, in their shoes I would imagine you would as well.

When in doubt

If you are unsure about something, ask us. Don't assume we will be fine with something because other programs are fine with something. We are strict with promotion for the simple reason, you keep the models happy and the models keep coming back to work and this results in rebills for us both.


Feel free to hotlink banners if you need or want to, but hotlinking full galleries is not allowed. If you don't have the bandwidth to post the full galleries yourself, link to the galleries using a thumbnail with your code linked to that thumb. This way the cookie is stored and you get credit for the sale.


We do not allow videos to be used to promote our ladies at this time. This includes videos you create yourself. If you create slide shows videos and upload them to youtube etc, this can get your account banned. You are not allowed to use videos the ladies have uploaded for their blogs as promotional material. Simply put, if it's a video, you cannot use it.

Thank you.